"KarmaPoint recognize and reward people and institutions who are a positive impact to the society"
What is KarmaPoint?
KarmaPoint is a reputation system based on greatfulness. It allows...
To recognize Who we are
KarmaPoint allows to identify and reward people who are a positive impact to the society.
It is a way of recognition the being behind a suit or workwear. It tell us about its good actions and therefore, it will increase trust among human beign.

Promote Volunteering
KarmaPoint is a tool on the hands of NGOs and causes. They can thanks volunteers giving them KarmaPoint, in retribution for donations, time and help. Also allows NGOs to create their own campaigns in the App to attract more and better volunteers.
Stop Bullying
Another use of KarmaPoint is on schools, promoting good behaviors between students. Positive leadership and good values can be cool using KarmaPoint campaigns, creating healthy competitions among students and classes. Identify a good student beyond its scores now is possible with KarmaPoint.

Improve Work Environments
Recognize and reward talented staff members. Reward their contribution to a good work environment, further on its function can be rewarded with KarmaPoint.
Measure work climate in real time by KarmaPoint transactions and dashboards.

A company will also have a reputation so, for professionals looking for a job, KarmaPoint allows them to pick the best place to work. And to the company, attract the best talent.
KarmaPoint is also a indisputable resume based on other people opinions.
How KarmaPoint works?
It's pretty simple. First step will be to create an account (we are on development right now). With the account we are giving you KP for free to give.
  • Appreciate >
    When someone do something good for you in a selfless way or, do a good action for somebody else or the planet, thanks that person giving it KarmaPoint.

  • Reward >
    Sum of received KarmaPoint tokens creates a Reputation. It is personal, undisputed and nontransferable. This reputation will grow on with more KarmaPoint, therefore your good actions speak for you, and show who you are.
    While you progress, reputation will grow reaching new levels, allowing you to inspire others, to find a better job, to be seen in a better way.
    Reputation cannot be bought. So money cannot longer be used to measure anybody.
  • Motivate >
    Our unsung heroes will be finally be recognize. Its reputation will give them the motivation to continue to go ahead and will motivate others to follow their example.

    With KarmaPoint everyone who outstand in our world will be recognized by who they are. Then they will motivate others to follow thier path.

    This people, you, will be able to use the reputation to distinguish in a job interview. Good thing will talk for you, showing the contribution you will do beyond your technical knowledge to the work environment for instance. Your reputation is your real CV.

    KarmaPoint tokens will be exchangable for other crypto currencies in the market. Also can be use to purchase products and services within a virtual store.
  • Act >
    You can also get KarmaPoint for your actions. Join us, download KarmaPoint and start creating your own campaigns and causes. Reward helpers and volunteers with KarmaPoint, and receive positive feedback for your actions.

    If you are a non-profit KarmaPoint will help you attracting more and better volunteers.

    If you are a company, you can use KarmaPoint to create internal campaigns and motive employees. Recognize and retain hidden gems in your organization and measure work environment in real time. See more in KarmaPoint for Business here.

Why are we based on Blockchain?
Blockchain is a new technology filled up with benefits
Blockchain allows a transparent reputation system. Each transaction can be viewed and audited. Everything is absolutely encrypted.
Reputation under Blockchain cannot be altered for any means. It is highl impossible to hack or alter since the entire system would have to be altered.
Information is encrypted and secure within the Blockchain.
Reputation belongs to the people. It is given by people and not only by institutions such as "the bank points".

Blockchain allows your reputation to exist in many places, beyond any institution. If you go from one company to another, the reputation goes with you.
Our path to evolution
Idea was born
Back in 2019, we were talking about how technology has not really helped the evolution of human consciousness... and then! KarmaPoint appeared before our eyes
Then prototype germinated
We started to create our concept and look for alternatives to develop It... in Chile it was too expensive and nobody really knew Blockchain. Fortunately Hugo Teijiz shown up on the road. An expert in Blockchain and committed to the idea.

After validating the Proof of Concept, we have designed, developed and succesfully tested a Beta product. Also we were part of the NEM Ventures.

Grow for everyone
We are seeking for financing to grow, and that the fruit of this tree that we grow, feed humanity on its path of evolution.

Expand without borders
We want to expand, as a tree become in a forest, and to reach all corners of the planet with this social evolution.

We are passionate about the idea. We believe in its impact in our way of living and impact in our society
  • Founder & CEO
    CEO and Founder from Chile, with a long business experience manager, MSC, writer. He delivers the business vision, ideas, management and a wide contact network
  • Founder & CMO
    CMO and Founder from Russia. She is an experienced and successful entrepreneur with online school ArteFenix, a professional designed and multifaceted artist. Maria provides ideas, guidance, marketing and soul to KarmaPoint.
  • Anibal Corral
    Software Architect, long experienced full stack developer, provides clarity and deep technical knowledge to the project.
  • Paula Cerda
    Operations Manager
    A young enthusiastic of technology and a persistent project management to make project and communication move forward
  • Karmadillo
    KarmaPoint pet
    We have our own pet Karmadillo! His job is appearing once in a while in Social Networks with his adventures and motivate the Team!
Trust in our project
Investors and partners whom has trust in our project
Frequent Questions
  • Can negative KarmaPoint be given or erased?
    Katty, Estación Central, Chile
    No, it is not an episode of Black Mirror. KarmaPoint can only be awarded to reward people, not to punish or report. In our society there are already many forms of punishment, we do not focus on that.

    However, to avoid scams, when you reach a certain level of Karma, you can be part of a community of referees who could remove KarmaPoint if a scam or collusion is detected
  • How do you deal with scams? I can give KarmaPoint to my friend many many times.
    Harry Pouder, London
    Typical Chilean! :) We have designed rules that prevent this type of behavior. However, the greatest control is the users themselves. As your reputation grows, you will level up.

    Given a certain level of reputation you will have a certain moral recognition to make decisions, correct? then you can be part of a special community, where cases of fraud attempts are reported and you can be part of the decision-making process.
  • Is KarmaPoint a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?
    Ron Ronaldo de Mexico
    Not quite, it’s a similar concept.
    KarmaPoint is a token not a Crypto. The difference is that KarmaPoint lives inside Symbol, which is a Blockchain and has a cryptocurrency called XYM.
  • How do I get Karma Point? can you give me an example?
    Carla Rojas, San Miguel, Chile
    Sure, check out this is an example from KarmaPoint:

    When you create your account, you will have 30 KarmaPoints to give to others. Right now, your reputation is 0 (zero). Would you have: Reputation 0, Available 30

    The next day, you found out that your neighbor rescued a puppy from the street <3 and you gave him 5 KP, you are left with: Reputation 0, Available 25

    At your work, your colleague asked you to help with a presentation. She was so happy that she gave you 10 KP in gratitude, your account now shows: Reputation 10, Available 35

    When you entered social networks, you were moved by a friend who delivers food to people infected with Covid, and you gave her 20 KP, now you get Reputation 10, Available 15
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KarmaPoint does not use, sell, transfer your information by any means. We only use your data to check your identity and avoid any scams.
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